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Welcome to Lorraine Selway Art

I create original oil paintings in landscape art, beach art, ocean art, golf course art and other.

I always enjoyed painting when I was younger, and I took a few art classes in college, but I choose a career in business and accounting. I worked 40 years in that field and became a CFO. I always had painting on my mind, but I was too busy with my career and raising 2 girls. I finally retired in 2017 and began taking more painting classes. I honed my painting skills and have a large inventory of paintings to sell. I decided to use my business experience to create a website to sell my art.

The started building my website, but realized my first step was to inventory my artwork. I created a spreadsheet and created a numbering system, category, names, size, pricing, etc.

Then I began photographing my works and loading them into the website.

The next step is marketing. I created a marketing and I'm about to implement it. More to come on my next blog. I'll let you know how I progress and how much time it takes.

Thanks for reading and joining me in this process. I hope it helps you to advance your online art store. Take the plunge with me.


Lorraine Selway

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Hi Lorraine - you are such a talented artist! I'll share your website with others so that they can enjoy your work, too! :-)

Me gusta

Lorraine, I hope your journey is successful and satisfying. Hope to see more of your work in the near future. Kathy

Me gusta
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