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I liked to draw and paint when I was a child.  One Christmas my parents bought me a Bob Ross oil painting set with an art book.   I didn't have canvas to paint on so I painted on wood, tiles, fabric, cardboard, etc.  "Cuz we was poor".  I took painting classes in high school and college. but chose a career in accounting.  I worked for 40 years, but always thought about painting.  I always knew I would return to it.  I retired from my CFO position in 2017.   I dug up my old Bob Ross paints and to my surprise they were still good.  Now I could afford to buy canvases and new paints.  I've been painting ever since.  I continue to take classes to improve my skills.   

 I find peace in nature.  My soul comes alive.  I travel and paint scenes along the eastern coastal regions.   I also like to play golf and paint golf course scenes which are typically beautiful.  Since I started painting, I look at the world differently.  I notice the tiny little details and appreciate all the wonder in God's creation.  I thank God every day for the talent He gave me and the peace it brings me.   

Nature brings us all closer to a peaceful place within.  

Now I want to share my paintings with others.  I decided to use my business skills and created a website for my art.  I hope that others can find peace in art and nature.  So I help by donating art supplies to local community groups.  Maybe the world will be a better place if you connect with your soul through art too.

Sculpture Circle
Black Oil Painting
3D Sculpture
Young Boy in a Museum
Skull Sketches
Flying Chairs
Roman Sculpture
Red Oil Painting
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