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Landscape Art, beach art, golf course art, sunset art

#029 Falls at the !8th .jpg


Hi, I'm Lorraine Selway.  My vision is for my art to be an escape. to be peaceful, relaxing and reflect God's beauty in creation.  I paint landscapes, coastal scenes, beaches, and golf courses.   When I paint I get lost in the moment.

  The beautiful scenery of God's creation brings me serenity.  I want to show my appreciation of his majestic creation by painting it and sharing it with others.   My paintings are prayers of thanks for his blessings.     

I want to share my art with others so they can experience the peace that God's creation brings.  Also, I donate art supplies to community groups, I hope they can experience the peacefulness art brings.  If we can all find more peace maybe the world will be a better place.

Black Oil Painting
Sculpture Circle
3D Sculpture
Young Boy in a Museum
Skull Sketches
Flying Chairs
Roman Sculpture
Red Oil Painting
Gallery Show
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